Rotator Switch 3x4

If you have more than one radio room (Shack) and/or more than one Rotator on your directional antennas, then ROTOR switch RS-34 is the solution. With it you will use only one controller on the table and it will be able to control till four antenna rotators.

  • The RS-34 can select between four rotators using only one controller for each shack.
  • The system can use till three controllers.
  • One interlock system don't permit connections for rotators in use on other shack.
  • It is possible to automate all station.
  • On systems where the Hamplus MBD-8E is installed, the rotator assigned to each antenna are called on each change.
  • The RS-34 comutates four wires, two for the motor power and two for the variable resistor on the direction indicator system.



28cm width, 4cm height e 15cm deep
Power suply :
14 volts
Maximum operate current:
8 amp.
4 Wires

On the follow drawings we are use the YAESU G1000-DXA, but can be used any rotator and controller model.

Wiring diagram exemples:

Four rotator and one controller
MBD-8 Control RS-34

Four rotator, one controller and one antenna switch

Four rotators, three controllers and one antenna switch
RS-34 AS-81R Ant. Switcher MBD-8 Control
RS-34 AS-81R Ant. Switcher MBD-8 Control MBD-8 Control MBD-8 Control AS-81R Ant. Switcher MBD-8 Control RS-34
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