• Antenna Switcher with 8 inputs by two output remotely controlled.
  • This switcher has one internal interlock system to prevent switch the same antenna on both radios at the same time.
  • Aluminum cabinet painted in the dark gray color, having 10 UHF type (PL-259) for the R.F connections and one DB-25 for remote control.
  • All antenna inputs are switched to ground when not in use.
  • When the power are switched off, all antenna inputs are routed to ground for protection purposes.



Width 26cm - Height 6cm - Deep 17cm

Power Supply:

D.C. 14 Volts + or - 20% drain about 35mA

Max. power allowed:

3000 Watts with S.W.R. equal or less than 1.5:1

Frequency of operation:
D.C. to60MHz
Time delay to switch:
Equal or less than 50ms (exchange forbidden during TX)
Insertion loss:
Equal or less than 0,01dB

Equal or less than -72dB to 30MHz and -58db to 60MHz.

Connections suggestions:

Eight antennas, one or two radios.
The switcher AS-82 receives the signals from eight antennas selecting one of them for each radio (two of then), leaving the others not in use, shorted to ground. In the case of power supply disconnection, the radios became free and all antennas are grounded.

Eight antennas, three or more radios.
One or more switcher AS-81R can be connected before the AS-82 as shown above, allowing to share up to eight antennas between two or more equipment. For each added switcher AS-81R, can be possible the use one more radio, sharing the same set of antennas.


16 antennas solution diagram

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