Antenna Switch

  • Antenna switch with 8 inputs by one output remotely controlled.
  • Aluminum cabinet painted in the dark gray color especially developed to allow external assembly.
  • The coaxial connectors are the UHF type (PL-259) and a DB-25 for remote control.
  • All unused inputs are automatically connected to ground.
  • When the power supply are disconected, all inputs are connected to ground.


Diameter 15,5cm - (16cm in the point of attachment of the support) and height 5cm
Power Supply:
D.C. 14 Volts + or - 20% drain about 35mA
Max. SSB power allowed:
3000 Watts with S.W.R. equal or less than 1.5:1
Frequency of operation:
D.C. to 60MHz
Time delay to switch:
Equal or less than 50ms (exchange forbidden during TX)
Insertion loss:
Equal or less than 0,02dB
Equal or less than -58dB to 30MHz and -52db to 60MHz

Connections suggestions:

Eight antennas, one radio:
In this configuration, we can select one of the eight antennas to one equipment. The remote control can be connected with a long handle, and bring inside the shack only one coaxial cable.

Eight antennas, two radios or more
In this configuration, the switch AS-81 receives the signals from one switch type AS-81R. Thus, we have the possibility to use any one of the eight antennas in two radios. A special logical circuit system hinders the use of the same antenna in the two radios simultaneously. Intercalating other switches type AS-81R we can expand the system until terms eight antennas and eight radios.


16 antennas solution diagram



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